AMJA Bridge

For over a decade, AMJA has curated and promoted research papers written by highly practiced imams from around the world. These thorough research papers offer the AMJA audience papers on a diverse range of subjects including information on Islamic arbitration, political involvement of Muslims, and other contemporary topics of relevance to Muslims today. Although these papers are comprehensive and detailed, the majority of them are written in Arabic making them inaccessible to many Muslims living in the West.

Fortunately, beginning 2016, AMJA is launching AMJA Bridge – a new resource for learners who prefer English. With AMJA Bridge, long-form Arabic papers will be summarized and translated. This initiative serves to bridge this language gap and, in turn, makes accessible an entire catalog of textual resources for English-speaking eager learners and Islamic scholars alike.  


Islamic Position on Slavery

Dr. Hatem Al-Haj

Contemporary Issues Related to Women Where Muslims Live as Minorities Women and Education

Dr. Waleed Al-Maneese Ph.D 

Student Loans in the United States: Facts and Rulings

Dr. Main Al-Qudah Ph.D 

Summary of Islamic Law, Religiosity, Revival and Democracy

Dr. Hatem AHaj M.D Ph.D

The Muslim Woman & Certain Marital Practices Contemporary Issues Related to Women Outside the Lands of Islam

Dr. Muwaffak Al Ghaylany Ph.D 

Women and Education Contemporary Issues Related to Women Outside the Lands of Islam

Dr. Waleed Al-Maneese Ph.D